Tales from the World of the Dragon's Bidding

Cypher Book 2

Winner of the 2017 Galaxy Award for "Best Hero Cat".

A Hero for the Empire Book 1

Read how the story began.

Chasing Redemption Book 3

Coming in mid-2018

What they're saying about the Dragon's Bidding books.

"Fast-paced, hard-hitting and fun, A Hero for the Empire has action, romance, galactic political machinations and a snarky telepathic cat. A winning combination."

***Linnea Sinclair, award-winning author of the Dock Five Universe Series***

"No one does Science Fiction Romance like Westcott. Her signature style is a mix of blood-pumping action, sarcastic humor and romance to die for, Cypher benefits from all three in a perfect balance."

***Rhonda Mason, author of the Empress Game Trilogy***