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Cypher Book 2 of the Dragon's Bidding


Can she kill the man she loves to stop an assassination?

A murderous computer program has seized her cyborg partner's body and mind, turning him into a super assassin who is driven to destroy everything she's vowed to protect. In a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, Kimber FitzWarren faces her deadliest challenge yet, an assassin with all the skills and knowledge of her partner Wolf Youngblood, but controlled by the mind of a killer. Fitz must find a way to protect her Emperor while keeping her adversary alive until she can free her partner.  

A prisoner in the dark labyrinth of his own mind, Wolf struggles to regain control of his body, concocting a plan to use the killer as a Trojan Horse to lead him to his attacker. In the meantime, he can only watch as a helpless passenger as the assassin plots to kill all the people he loves. If you love your SFR to be a mixture of Firefly and Babylon 5, spiced with a dash of Aliens, then you'll love this action packed 2017 Galaxy Awards Winner

A Hero for the Empire Book 1 of the Dragon's Bidding

Space is no place to go it alone. We recommend taking along a telepathic cat, an immortal mercenary, and a cybernetically augmented Imperial SpecOps agent. You never know what kind of trouble you'll run into...

Commander Kimber FitzWarren is operating on borrowed time. The cybernetic augmentations that give her superhuman strength and speed have shortened her life. The success of her next mission is vital, not only to save her Empire, but because it could be her last.She's part of a group of idealistic officers plotting to topple the corrupt Imperial government. The key to placing missing military legend Arianne Ransahov on the throne lies with the one man who can locate her, mercenary Wolf Youngblood. 
Having just survived one imperial assassination attempt, Wolf is understandably on edge when Fitz shows up in his bedroom at 0-dark-30, except she isn't there to kill him, but to enlist his help. Help he's reluctant to give--until another assassin comes after both of them.Pursued by imperial forces and left with no one to depend on but each other, a bond begins to grow between them that even their secrets can't destroy, but before they can explore what's left of their future, first they have to survive this mission. 

Hip Deep in Dragons

A quirking little novella about dragons in the Everglades. A contemporary fantasy complete with a wizard, a shape shifting cat, a dragon with maternal ideas and a damsel who most assuredly is not in distress.

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